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GDPR Trends 2023: Key Insights

Data highway
Data highway

When cars were introduced, nobody could have predicted the traffic issues that plague us today. Even now, we find ourselves in cities that underestimated the impact of car traffic and continue to grapple with congestion. Fortunately, traffic regulations have helped decrease accidents, and seat belts have played a crucial role in reducing fatalities.

Now, let's shift our focus to internet traffic. Can we confidently say it's secure? Can we trust the services we use without worry? Or are we potentially downplaying the significance of internet traffic and our digital security, much like early urban planning underestimated the impact of car traffic?

In this article, we'll briefly explore the key trends of GDPR, outlining the evolving directions in our rules to ensure a safer and more relaxed online experience.

  • AI-Related Laws: As artificial intelligence and data protection become increasingly intertwined, there is a growing need for AI-related laws and oversight from data protection authorities.

  • Broadening Data Protection Roles: Organizations will expand their data protection roles to comply with changing regulations and ensure data security.

  • Data Protection-as-a-Service: The adoption of data-protection-as-a-service solutions will rise, providing accessible and efficient compliance tools.

  • Multi-Standard Compliance Tools: Organizations will embrace multi-standard compliance tools to streamline data privacy management.

  • Global Influence: GDPR's influence extends beyond the EU, as more countries worldwide adopt similar data protection regulations.

  • National Data Privacy Regulations: The rise of national data privacy regulations alongside GDPR will create a complex compliance environment.

  • People-Centric Data Management: A shift towards a people-centric approach to data management will prioritize individual rights and consent.

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