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Our Consultancy

At Synchromind we are SMEs (Subject Matters Experts) in various compliances and other supporting processes for a balanced IT approach in your organisation.

We are located in Netherlands and can be onsite in North or South Holland, or North Brabant. But we can also provide you consultancy on a remote basis.  


CTO as a Service

Consultancy (120 -150 euro per hour):

  • Together with top management define a strategy about the use of ICT in defining and achieving its (short/long-term) objectives

  • Manage technology budgets and timeframes for the development + deployment of all technological services

  • Implement capitalisation on the ICT department level


Due diligence 

Consultancy (100 -150 euro per hour):

  • Tech due diligence

  • Risk due diligence

  • Cybersecurity due diligence

IP (Intellectual Property) due diligence (see below)


GDPR Compliance

Consultancy (100 -120 euro per hour):

  • within a product (development, security, DevOps)

  • within an organisation (HR, marketing)

  • from ISO 27001 perspective

  • ePrivacy Directive

Seminars (in person/online):

  • GDPR awareness (per person - 70 euro)

  • GDPR compliance roadmap (per person - 120 euro)

  • Privacy by design and by default (per person - 125 euro)

  • GDPR game night (50 euro total + costs of the location)​

ISO 27001

Consultancy (100 -120 euro per hour):

  • implementation of an Information Security Management System

  • maintenance / audit ISMS

  • project management

  • gamification of your compliance journey

Seminars (in person/online):

  • ISO 27001 awareness (per person - 70 euro)

  • ISO 27001 compliance roadmap (per person - 120 euro)

  • Security by design and by default (per person - 125 euro)​


ITIL 4 Compliance

Consultancy (100 -120 euro per hour):

  • identify scope and create a roadmap 

  • ITIL roll out project plan

  • ITIL implementation of different practices

Risk management

Consultancy (100 -120 euro per hour):

  • ISO 27005 compliance

  • ISO 31000 compliance

  • Setup GRC process

  • gamification of your risk strategy implementation

Seminars (in person/online):

  • Risk management awareness (per person - 70 euro)

  • Risk management compliance roadmap (per person - 120 euro)

  • Risk mindful organisation (per person - 125 euro)


IP consultancy

Consultancy (280 -400 euro per hour):

Specialist services entailing advice about protecting your technology and ideas using a variety of Intellectual Property  (IP) rights such as:

  • patents,

  • trademarks,

  • copyright

  • design rights.

Advice about your patent strategy, licensing and transferring your IP, IP roadmaps, freedom to operate, and preparing for due diligence of your IP


Consultancy for managers (100 -120 euro per hour):

  • Change management via Gamification

  • A playful organisation

  • Awareness using Gamification

Consultancy for product owners (100-120 euro per hour):

  • Implementing gamification in a product UX wise

  • Become a community leader with Gamification

  • Trend setting with the use of gamification 

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