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0 or 1: ISO 27001

Price per pack €46 excl VAT (minimum order: 50 items)

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We allocate 2% of our revenue towards DE&I or Science Awareness Initiatives.

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Our game helps your workforce grasp the significance of information security and the risks associated with data. You'll come across cards with true or false statements from ISO 27001, along with detailed explanations.

This game is perfect for:

  1. Global companies certified with ISO 27001: Ideal for organizations wishing to provide their employees with a fun and educational gift that enhances awareness of information security and encourages enjoyable learning.

  2. Companies working with data and planning to get certified: an opportunity to prepare employees for certification in a playful way.

  3. Companies seeking a partner for processing personal data: offer easy-to-understand explanations for complex definitions.

Begin a two-level learning adventure with:

  • 32 true and 32 false statements crafted from the latest 2022 version of ISO 27001.

  • Explore in-depth explanations for each statement, deepening your understanding of information security management systems.


It's printed on 100% recycled paper, right here in the EU and transported to Netherlands with a CO2 neutral cost.


The decks are available in English, Dutch and French.


This card game focused on information security best practices.

The players are faced with a series of statements that test their knowledge and they must quickly determine if it's true (1) or false (0).

With ISO 27001 cards covering a wide range of topics like network security, data protection, and threat detection, the game offers a comprehensive exploration of cybersecurity principles and controls.


People must use their expertise and judgment to discern between effective security measures and common misconceptions. From identifying phishing attempts to implementing multi-factor authentication, this game challenges players to stay vigilant and keep their digital assets secure. Are you ready to prove your cybersecurity prowess and emerge as the ultimate guardian of information security?

You can use them as cheat sheets as well.

Number of players: 1-20. 

Your Brand, Your Card

Personalize the background images and the vote cards with your company's branding and colors for free, whenever the design allows it. Minimum order 100 items. Simply get in touch with us at email to discuss this option.

Branding customisation

Is complimentary and includes 2 FREE sample rounds

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Available volume discounts

  • 1000-2499 items: 5% discount, reduced price €43.7 /pack

  • 2500-4 999 items: 7.5% discount, reduced price €42.55/pack

  • 5 000-9 999 items: 10% discount, reduced price €41.40/pack

  • 10 000+ items: 15% discount, reduced price €39.10/pack

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