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Corporate Geeky Gifts Shop

Explore our range of engaging games and GDPR-approved badges designed to make data protection, and cybersecurity awareness and education enjoyable and efficient.


GDPR deck of cards

The Ultimate Corporate Gift for Privacy Knowledge and Fun.

A deck of cards with a twist, a privacy one. A powerful toolkit to educate your employees about compliance, the EU regulation. All of this while fostering a healthy impact on your business.

0 or 1: ISO 27001 

A top corporate gift: Knowledge & ISMS Compliance.


Elevate your workforce with 64 true or false ISO 27001 cards, fostering compliance, knowledge, playfulness, and a passion for protecting your organisation's vital information. 


Hackers & Guards

Security Trivia: The Premier Awareness Experience.

Unleash strategic fun with a deck of cards for 5-22 players, divided in 2 teams, challenging their cybersecurity savvy and instincts.  R u a hacker or a guard?

Badges 4 All

Brand It Right: GDPR-Approved Badges

Your Badge, Your Style: Making GDPR Compliance Fun and Playful

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