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People First Policies

Focusing on people first is important for conscious businesses because it leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are critical to business success. Additionally, engaging everyone in the execution of a strategy can lead to success stories that stimulate others to adopt the practices and customise them for their own needs at work. 

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Mental Health Policy

Mental health issues affect job performance, well being is a top priority for everyone, additionally it is a key factor in workplace wellness, is a preventable work-related condition, and is a collective priority.

We decided to go one step further and commit to our mental health via this policy. We practice what we preach. 

Feel free to download 20230416 Synchromind Mental health policy.pdf (200k) and make it your own.

Code Of Behaviour & Ethics

Having a clear Code of Behaviour and Ethics means we are setting a clear intention of what is we should practices but also what we are accountable for in our conduct and Synchromind. 

Feel free to download 20230416 Synchromind Code of Behaviour & Ethics.pdf (202k) and make it your own.


Discrimination Policy

One of our core values is Accountability. And because we have team members in several parts of the world it is important to work on our biases and try to prevent any form of discrimination.  

Feel free to download 20020230416 Synchromind Discrimination policy.pdf (14kb) and make it your own.

Mental health affects job performance

Poor mental health can reduce job performance since it makes accessing the behavioral skills that foster creativity and resilience all the more challenging

Staff's engagement is critical to business success

Smart leaders focus on execution first and strategy second. Excellent execution requires both breadth and depth, and big strategies need local options. Engaging people in the execution of a strategy can lead to success stories.

Mental health is a key factor in workplace wellness

Supporting mental health in the workplace is beneficial for both the company and team members. Ensuring employees are mentally well is beneficial for a company and for workers both at work and in all other aspects of their lives

Staff satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction

When our people happy and engaged, they are more likely to provide better customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction

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