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Partnership Program

We are looking for partners to promote our games within their professional communities and networks

Wanna know how it works? Please scroll down.

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Who are you?

  • A believer in corporate gifting of empowerment, knowledge, and appreciation through playfulness aka games.

  • An advocate for more learning and awareness of privacy and security within the corporate environment

  • A lobbyist for 21st-century companies who acknowledge the importance of their people’s mental health. They reach out to those willing to take immediate action towards the well-being of their workforce.

  • Somebody who aligns with our shared P.E.A.C.E. values: Playfulness, Empathy, Accountability, Connection, and Ethics.

  • Somebody who will commit via a Partnership agreement, fostering a relationship based on transparency, honesty, financial rewards, gratitude, and mutual growth.​

What do we offer you?

  • A personal connection with regulars calls, newsletter, partners dinners, etc

  • Partnership panel: we will listen and adapt our products as per common clients' needs

  • Support (design, writing, guidance) for promoting Synchromind’s products within your network

  • A 3-year referral fee for cross-selling of all purchases from the first PO (purchase order) of each referred client

  • Depending on your level of partnership

    • Bonuses based on sales figures

    • Discounts

    • Samples of the games

    • Budget for game nights

    • Common social media initiatives  or blog posts or articles about our partnership

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Did we convince you?

If you believe we are a good match, click contact us now for more details !

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