CTO/IT Strategy

Capable and qualified to handle the whole triangle of team, business and technology. Enjoy managing and working with people but at the same time have fun designing systems/databases, planning and/or making sure SLAs and OLAs are met.

IF you are looking for a CTO/IT strategist to

bring your IT processes to another level


advise and contribute to corporate strategy


focus on incident, problems & change management


coach the IT team towards being more flexibile


passionately contribute to the design and architecture of your products


meet business objectives and goals

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We are qualified and capable of handling all aspects of GDPR and security compliance (ISO 27001) and risk assessment (ISO 27005/31000). We have extensive experience with Availability Mgmt, Capacity and performance Mgmt, Service continuity Mgmt, Monitoring and event Mgmt, Information security Mgmt, Incident & Problem Mgmt

IF you are looking for a professional to:

help you achieve ISO 27001 compliance


execute a risk assessment and mitigation plan from a security perspective


enable you to be GDPR compliant from a technical perspective


increase awareness of GDPR/security policy


perform internal audits to identify and implement technical controls for compliance

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Specialist services entailing advice about protecting your technology and ideas using a variety of IP rights such as patents, trademarks, copyright and design rights. Advice about your patent strategy, IP roadmaps, freedom to operate, and preparing for due diligence of your IP.



Synchronise the business mind to your heart.


Guide companies by providing toolkits for organic growth of their people’s holistic wellness and by supporting them on how to use these tools. Be a 21st century company and inspire the change for other companies as well.




I worked together with Raluca for two years, and I can positively say that she is not only a great manager but also a coach and a mentor.

Raluca is smart, talented and has strong technical background, which makes communication easy and productive. She is goal oriented and dedicated 100%. You can always expect that she will find a solution in most difficult situations.

Besides direct work Raluca helped to find a healthy work-life balance individually for each member of our team.
She helped to create personal growth plans and provided time to perform it.

All of the above combined with her experience make Raluca a great asset to any company.


Raluca is a dedicated and professional person who I have had the pleasure of working with for over a year now.


She is extremely structured and process orientated ensuring work items are always completed in an effective and efficient manner.


She is a flexible team lead who is able to motivate and drive maximum efficiency from her team. She always seeks to make improvements through new ideas and suggestions and is not frigtened of change in order to achieve the right results.


Raluca is someone who can lead,has the technical skills to back it up and is process driven, this is a rare combination which makes her an asset to any organisation.


I had the pleasure of working with Raluca as a team lead for the last 4 years. She is a hard worker DBA and she knows how to create and maintain the team spirit.

Raluca is one of the most dedicated professionals throughout her work at MMIT. She is a careful, well educated, creative and highly organized DBA team leader with boundless energy.


Always focuses on the businesses but also on the personal side of the job. She has extensive skills, and her open-minded approach should not be underestimated.


Raluca is a team member every manager wants in his/her team: motivated, loyal, hard working, flexible, always willing to help, easy manageable. 


I loved to have her in my team, and would recommend Raluca to anyone looking for a brilliant database developer and teamlead!

I had the opportunity to work with Raluca and I was able to observe firsthand her attention to detail and commitment, which extended beyond working hours. It will be difficult to find someone more dedicated and goal-oriented.

Additionally, her talent managing people is one of her strong qualities. It's good be directed by someone who understand developers and their needs (after all, she's one of us), and willing to remove obstacles so we can reach our objectives. I hope I'll have the chance to work with her again.



  • 2% of all our Sales are going to Women in Tech or DevOps initiatives

  • We are hosting free meetup events with the first drink on us where you can play our games in Alicante, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Eindhoven, Kyiv.

  • On our social media we offer various visual materials as tools for dealing with  mental health issues. 

  • We are launching in 2023 an online free initiative for educating abused women and sex workers. It's a 3 years program with 50% technical, 50% therapeutically content Based on this we will develop an open source framework that will be available for  free to be downloaded. 



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