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GDPR Deck of Cards

Price per pack €35 excl VAT (minimum order: 50items)

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We allocate 2% of our revenue towards DE&I or Science Awareness Initiatives.

You can place an order via the Chat or the Contact page


Our games provide an engaging way to dive deep into GDPR, ensuring your team understands the importance of data protection. Each card in this deck features essential GDPR definitions, role specific or common fined GDPR articles you should be aware of.

It is designed for:
1. Companies: Ideal for organizations looking to provide their employees with an engaging and educational gift that promotes GDPR awareness and encourages fun learning.
2. Freelancers and Individuals: Perfect for event planners seeking a playful gift and enjoyable approach to learning more about GDPR in a relaxed setting.

The pack is designed just like a standard deck of cards, including numbers 2, 3, 4, ... 10, Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces, and two Jokers.


It's printed on 100% recycled paper, right here in the EU. You can play any game you are used to: Knockout whist, Poker, Palace, Hearts, etc Please check our blog for game ideas from other cultures.

Designers: Dan Mihu, Tomasz Swatek

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All versions are available in English and they are customised for different roles in your organisation

  • Basic* (Definitions and simplified versions of the most fined  articles)

  • Marketing: (Definitions and focus on consent related articles)

  • DevOps (Definitions and relevant articles for technical privacy by design and by default)

  • Agile PO (Definitions and relevant articles for functional privacy by design and by default)

  • HR (Definitions and focus on job candidacy and dealing with PII related articles)

  • Finance (Definitions and focus on  dealing with financial PII related articles)

  • Customer support (Definitions and focus on customer support and data subject related articles)

  • C-level (Definitions and appeal or litigation related articles)

  • Freelancer** (Definitions and articles most relevant when freelancing for a data controller with GDPR relevant data subjects)

* Also available in Dutch, French,  German, Romanian and soon Hindi

** For outsourcing companies, event planners or other organisations with a lot of freelancing staff 

Your Brand, Your Card

Personalize the back of your cards with your company's branding and colors for free, whenever possible. Simply get in touch with us at email to discuss this option.

Branding customisation

Is complimentary and includes 2 FREE sample rounds

Do you need help convincing your boss?

Easy peasy! We've got you covered with a ready-to-use letter to help you get started. Click here

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Available volume discounts

  • 1000-2499 items: 5% discount, reduced price €33.25 /pack

  • 2500-4 999 items: 7.5% discount, reduced price €32.38/pack

  • 5 000-9 999 items: 10% discount, reduced price €31.50/pack

  • 10 000+ items: 15% discount, reduced price €29.75/pack

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