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Easter 2023 - GDPR gift package (mailbox size)

Easter 2023 - GDPR gift package (mailbox size)


This 2023 Easter:

  • would you like to show your appreciation to your employees?
  • bring more fun into your people's lives?
  • raise more awareness about GDPR within your organisation, your suppliers or customers?

Then maybe this GDPR bundle is an option for you?


What is inside?

1 x GDPR deck of cards 

1 x GDPR geeky badge

2 x beer coasters

1 x GDPR water proof backpack (red)

1x Mailbox for each package 



!!! PRIOR TO PLACING THE ORDER Please reach out to us if you want us to deliver each package to each team member/individual !!!


The Basic GDPR deck contains on each card definitions or common fined GDPR articles you should be aware of. 


Why this game?

Albert Einstein: “Play is the highest form of research.”


Can we customise the game per your branding?

If you would like the bundle to be customised with your logo please contact us.

Extra costs for this service

  • 0-499 bundles (350 euro)
  • More than 500 items (free of charge)


Do we offer discounts?

For orders bigger than 50 bundles please contact us for discounts:

  • 51-100 items (3% discount)
  • 101-1000 items (7% discount)
  • More than 1000 items (10% discount)


What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU).



This is a game introducing you into the world of GDPR. It contains definitions and articles explained in a simpler English form. It is not meant to replace legal advise. Synchromind is not accountable for misinterpretations of the cards. Please reach out to compliance professionals for more guidance on the GDPR path.



We are a GDPR and security compliance company. We can help you with your compliance process, but we wanted to make things simpler by desiging these games. We believe that if we combine fun with business we can learn and achieve the goals in a much faster and healthier way. This is a good starting point for awareness but also a fun addition to a GDPR compliance journey.


Do you need to convince your boss?

We've got you covered! We've prepared for you a letter to use as starting point at